A review of the first 42 days

The flight/the arrival

I have to admit, it has been too long since my previous post. I wish I could update you on a weekly basis, but I’ve just been too busy. My expectations were more in the direction of a relaxing holiday … but that turned out kinda different 😉

After all the goodbye parties in the week before our departure, the day has finally arrived. The day of our departure to the Philippines. In the morning I still had a breakfast with my dearest friends of the theater [Jeugdtheater Scherven … I love you 🙂 ], then, after a last visit to my grand parents, we left in the afternoon, off to Brussels Airport. All together, mommy and daddy, brother, my wife and myself. The people I actually missed that day were my sister and her husband and their cute little boy. [miss you all]

Arriving at the airport we went checking in and after that, we all had a drink. We had time so we enjoyed the last moments together [hmm, I get teary eyed by thinking back] before we had to pass the passport control and had to say goodbye. From now on it’s real, we’re on our way to our new life.

The flight left around 6 pm [I’m not gonna discuss the flights and arrivals in different airports] and went first to Rome, then Doha and finally Manila. When we came out of the airport, my mother-in-law was waiting for us and we left on our way to our new home.

As we did the other time that I arrived in the Philippines, our first stop was at Mc Donalds before going home and having some sleep.

No relaxing, it’s working time

This is not a holiday. We should not relax but arrange first the things that have to be done to really start our life. On Wednesday, we went to the Belgian Embassy to register. That went quite fast. Apparently the city hall in Belgium has worked fast and my departure was already in the system. I only need now a Barangay Clearance, which states that I really live in the given address. I have to admit that I still don’t have that paper.

Because we were finished early, and we were at the right place, we went to a building at the other side of the street to apply for a job. Yes indeed, I wanted to start as soon as possible. That would give me some security, because that was the only thing I was worried about most. The company where we went to was Freelancer.com. They had a job opening for Dutch Email and Chat Support [or ECS as I will call it further]. The application existed out of a computer test. One tab was for personal information, the second and last tab were for questions about thinking logical, grammar, text writing. When that was finished we had a talk with HR, just checking the answers we have given before in our personalia.the next step was again on computer. Now it was a Dutch test. They gave us questions. We had to translate these questions to Dutch, look up the answers on their site and reply to the questions in Dutch. Now we just had a Dutch interview and they told us we had to wait for a reply.

The next week, we did’t get a call yet. After asking them, they told us that my expected salary was too high and they couldn’t give that. I said it’s negotiable. My wife said that if there’s only 1 position available, she didn’t want it because she wants me to find a job first. The next week they asked me to come back to the office. It was now the 26th of September. There was an interview with my possible future manager. It only tool like 5 minutes and they asked me again to wait for their call within now and 3 weeks. I informed them that at that moment I had also an application in the running to work at IBM which is very urgent and for which I would have to do a ‘Berlitz’ test the next day. That same evening, surprisingly, I got a phonecall saying that I have the job and that I can start the very next day. The 27th of September, two weeks and three days after arriving in the Philippines … I found myself a job.

That Thursday, Friday and the next week was training. I liked it a lot, company looks very nice, co-workers too and the job itself looks very good for me. Customer support for users of the website freelancer.com. On October 8, it was my first real working day on the floor. We had to start immediatly with answering tickets. No chat yet [good thing, that looks too stressy at the moment].

My second week has past now, I have answered quite a lot of tickets already and have been working on the Dutch translation of the site. It’s not online yet, cause they still have to edit some stuff, but normally in November, the Dutch site should go live.

More news is to come, I’ll try to not wait his long anymore 🙂
And I hope to postsome more ‘fun’ instead of business 😉