“a view on a tropical adventure through the eye of the adventurer

“Again a blog, again someone posting his life on the net. Like we have nothing better to do. And does he really think we care about the stuff he’s been through?”

Absolutely not! And that’s not why I’ve created this blog. I’m not looking for sympathy for the difficult things I’ve encountered, I don’t need people to be happy for me and feel jealous about some trips my wife and I did.
With this blog, I actually want to make life easier for you, when you are in these situations. I will try my best to share all the hassle we’ve been through and post tips about traveling and life itself. I can’t say for sure that you will need everything, but I will try to make sure all my posts are interesting to at least someone.

I’m blogging for anyone who wants to know how to do the things that I have done. For people planning a trip and looking for some tips. For people who want to go abroad for work, marriage, … And of course for people who by coincidence have the same interests as I do. (traveling, movies, culture, sometimes gadgets, … )

Why will you like the blog? Because I’m gonna tell you some tips I found out by doing them myself. Most of the things I will post will be about things I encountered and find worth to let you know. If you arrive in these situations you’ll know how to handle them or you can use them to not or to make sure you arrive in that situation.

I’m Pedro Da Conceicao, half Portuguese, half Belgian. I’ve lived my whole life in Belgium and went on holiday to Portugal almost every year. Until I became 23, finished my studies and went working as host for Thomas Cook in Aqaba, Jordan. That job changed me and turned my whole life upside down because there I found the love of my life. My Filipina girlfriend, R. After 7 months in Jordan she and I left Jordan. She went to the Philippines and I came back to Belgium. I traveled to the Philippines and loved the country from the moment I arrived.

We arranged all the papers to make it possible to be together. Trust me, not an easy thing for a Filipina and a Belgian. (I will discus that in a blog post). When everything was finally arranged my at that time fiancee came to Belgium and on August 27, 2011 we got married.

Now, almost 1 year later, our plan of spending some years in Belgium has changed drastically. We are moving to the Philippines on September 8 and will work and live there. How that will turn out, you’ll e able to read as soon as I have updates about it.

And that’s the beginning of our tropical adventure.
You can follow the rest on the blog.


White Beach, Boracay

White Beach, Boracay (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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