A warm welcome

To everyone who has found his or her way to my site, I wish you a warm welcome. A warm welcome indeed. Warm is exactly the right term to describe it. Why? Let me just explain a little bit of my background and future.


Who am I?
My name is Pedro, born from a Belgian mother and a Portuguese father my life started already international. But that didn’t lead into a life full of traveling. At least not when I was young

er. Life was normal. It lacked a little bit of salt in the mix. But what did I know, I was just a kid, traveling every year with his parents to Portugal during summer to visit the family from my dad’s side.

Life continued like that until the moment I finished college and I had to find a job. Not that easy in a time of economical crisis. Especially in my sector (the printing sector) it was a hard time. There were jobs available, but to many people just got fired due to the crisis. People with experience. So even though I tried very hard, six months later I was still jobless.

Thomas Cook logo

Thomas Cook logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Time to try something else, I thought, and went on with my search online. Jetair and Thomas Cook came up. Two travel companies that were looking for animators and hosts on their destinations. It seemed fun and I’ve always heard experience like that is great to add to your resume. I tried both. Jetair didn’t accept me, but Thomas Cook told me immediately that I could join them and follow their course in Majorca.

And that’s where the new me was born.

A Jordan experience
When the course of Thomas Cook was finished, we received the destination where we

Large Jordanian Flag, Aqaba, Jordan

Large Jordanian Flag, Aqaba, Jordan (Photo credit: BBM Explorer)

would live for the next 6 or 7 months. I chose for Jordan and that was exactly what I got. Apparently not as popular as Egypt or Turkey. For me it seemed very interesting. New culture, new country and a so much history to learn from.

What I expected came true. Jordan is a very nice and open country. It’s an Arab country, but not as closed as Saudi (which is just a neighboring country). People are friendly and there is so much to see. I’m not sure if I would have ever visited Jordan if I wouldn’t have worked there. It would have been a shame.

Anyway, during my job in Jordan, I met a girl from the Philippines. She worked also in the hotel where I was assigned. We met up several times to learn to know each other, she moved to Belgium and now, we are happily married and planning our future. But what is that future?

Our future
From the moment she arrived in Belgium I already knew that one day, we would move to the Philippines. Not just for traveling, because that I did twice already, but for living and working. During my 2 visits in the Philippines I felt actually more at home than in Belgium. By the end of June this year (2012) we decided we were gonna give it a try. Good jobs are available and at my work they were looking for a solution to not have to fire me (crisis again), so we had nothing to lose.

On September 8, my wife and I are traveling to the Philippines. Our future starts now.

Philippine Flag

Philippine Flag (Photo credit: sjsharktank)